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Brand:   Credence ID

Type:   Portable Readers


Main Features

Quad Core Chipset

HD Display

Secure Android OS 6.0

Open Development Ecosystem

CE and FCC Certified

Can read passport, card and fingerprint

CredenceTAB™ full-featured 10 inch mobile biometric and credential reading tablet, that enables rapid registration, verification and authentication of user identities from any location.



1.0 GHz IMX6 Quad Core Chipset


10” HD 1280×800 Screen with 5-point multi-touch panel


4G/LTE Cellular, dual-band Wi- Fi, Bluetooth 4.1 and Dedicated GPS

Operating System

Secure Android OS 6.0


Integrated FAP-30 FBI certified 500 DPI fingerprint sensor


CE and FCC Certified


Integrated FAP-30 FBI certified 500 DPI fingerprint sensor
Integrated Contact and Contactless SmartCard reader
Integrated MRZ and ePassport reader


The design and features of the CredenceTAB™ are based on detailed and exhaustive analysis of key customer demands and the cooperative integration of the engineering expertise of Credence ID partner companies. Key features include a high resolution, 10 inch, multi-touch, outdoor readable display to facilitate ergonomic data entry and a rich user interface, complimented by a rugged FBI PIV FAP-30 TFT/LES fingerprint scanner that accurately captures in all lighting conditions and meets the requirements for large scale identification for civil biometric programs. Fully configured, the CredenceTAB includes a contact and contactless smart card reader as well as a non-swipe MRZ reader complete with ability to read new ePassports. Front and rear facing cameras with dual illumination for ICAO compliant face capture completes the CredenceTAB™.


CredenceTAB™ enables partners to manage large scale mobile enrollment programs and electronic ID verification solutions. In particular, the company is involved in multiple national projects in Africa, where registering citizens in difficult remote locations is typically a major challenge. The tablet is ideally suited to such demands, creating a highly portable enrollment station for elections and registration programs, providing irrefutable identity verification during election processes and an essential tool for management of polling results.


“CredenceID and its key partners share an ambitious vision for the future of mobile identification. At Credence, we are focused on creating elegant and effective products packed with biometric and credential capabilities that can empower the 1.8 billion people currently enrolled in eID programs around the world. Our common goal is to secure individual identity and give voice to these people. With CredenceTAB™, we can offer more functionality to bring about the changes needed to shape the future of mobile identification,” said Bruce Hanson, President and CEO of Credence ID.

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