From primary schools, a revolution in technology is taking shape. ...

Chillar Cards

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Advantages For School

Float lying with the school account

No change related issue

Strong and accurate MIS will facilitate proper monitoring

Manipulation and tampering of data can be avoided.

Advantages For School

The User can use his ID card for money transactions within the campus

Convenience - no searching for change

Get used to electronic Money transactions at a very young age

Protection from Loss and Theft

Faster service, shorter queues and Easy tracking of Expenses

Advantages For School

Absolute control in the areas of spending -Strong and accurate MIS will facilitate proper monitoring.

Safe money – cards can be blocked when it is lost

Will make sure that their kids are never out of pocket

Parents will get a monthly statement on the card usage

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About Chillar

From primary schools, a revolution in technology is taking shape. Smart cards can serve as the foundation for a wide range of applications, providing opportunities to streamline security and administrative tasks across the entire campus.

If the conventional teaching methods are replaced by the new technology like Smart class, why are we sticking on to the olden times in terms of administrative jobs like fees, book purchases, and meal programs? We are providing a solution for this; we bring in automation—and a chance to improve security & efficiency—to the campus.

Chillar Smart Pay

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How  Cashless  campus  works

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You can recharge the card in three ways
  • Parents can deposit the money required while remitting the fees at the bank and the respective card will charged accordingly
  • They can come to the school and charge it by themselves in the recharging machines
  • They can recharge over the web (this will have applicable commissions from the paymentgateway)
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