TSG-750 (T&A and Access control)

TSG 750 performs where others fail, even in bright sunlight, dusty, dirty and dry conditions. User authentication is fast and accurate with the highest level of spoofing detection. Reliability, security accuracy, performance, speed and style in one easy to use affordable solution. 

Product Features 


Revolutionary Light Emitting Sensor selection (LES)
- Superior Spoof Detection 
- Fast and accurate user authentication
- Perform well in bright sunlight and harsh environmental conditions such as dusty, dirty and dry
- Scratch resistance
- Fingerprint sensor selection depending on the project demand: Optical sensor, Dual sensor (optical + AES 1711), or LES

Easy Installation and User Friendly Management
- Face Detection Technology
- Easy installation using PoE and WiFi
- Standalone & Network Connection (P2P, RS 485, TCP/IP, Wireless)
- Icon menu for administrator
- Product extension connecting external fingerprint reader (TSG 150, Max 4 units)

High Definition Color Display
- 4.3 full touch screen with easy to use GUI
- Check the status of the communication on the screen
- Check the LOCK status on the screen
- Current Time/Operation Mode/Function Button

Various Access Control Function
- Anti-pass back function
- Limited access setup
- Max 256 time zone setup
- Function key setup by time
- Grouping and sending/receiving users by group through TSG-550

Micro SD Memory Card
- Upload and download users fingerprint/card/password
- Save access events
- Firmware update
P2P Function
- Can communicate with a server in worldwide using a unique device ID without static IP
VOIP Function (video phone)
- IP based video and audio interface

Product Size



 32bit ARM
 Wiegand Input
 64M Flash, 64M RAM
 Wiegand Output
 4.3 TFT Color LCD
 TTL Input
 Optical Sensor
 Touch Keypad
 Semiconductor Sensor
 Function Key
 Touch Keypad
 LE Sensor
 LE Sensor link
 Product Size
 F/P Storage
 2K, 10K, 30K, 50K
 Extemal Reader Connection(485)
 Yes (Max4)
 Voice Output
 Event Log
 500K Events
 Blue, Red
 IP 65
 Tamper Switch
 TCP/IP, RS-485
 F/P touch sensor
 Yes (option)
 SD Memory card
 20% ~ 80%
 Door Phone
 -10 ~ 60
 POE (Power of Ethement)
 RF Card

Sensor Selection

 Function Sensor Type 
550_2.jpg 550_3.jpg 550_4.jpg
Type Optical Sensor (Individual)  LE Sensor (Individual)  Live-layer fingerprint sensor (Individual)  Dual inner- skin Sensor   Dual Inner  skin  Sensor
 Resolution (dpi) 288 X 288  288 X 352  128 X 8  288 X 288 + 128 X 8  288 X 288 + 128 X 8
 Inner-skin Verification No   No Yes  Yes  Yes
 Fake F/P detection  No  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes